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Minecraft Windows 10 - Lag in the Village after the 1.2.3 update.


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      Summary by Auldrick
      Since the 1.2.3 update, many players across all platforms are experiencing moderate to severe lag when they approach certain areas in their worlds. Two of the most common locations mentioned are near villages (this ticket) and near passive mobs (MCPE-28028). Experiments have shown that such lag can be caused when a mob is unable to find a path to a player or villager, and that the degree of lag is correlated with the number of mobs that cannot find a path. Since mobs occur throughout a world, often engage in pathfinding, tend to cluster together when targeting the same player, and in the case of hostile mobs may be in shallow caves and not visible to the player, this pathfinding problem can potentially explain any report of lag where this cause hasn't been specifically excluded. Consequently, for the present time all new reports of lag will be considered duplicates of one of these tickets unless the reporter provides convincing evidence of a different cause.

      Original description:
      after the 1.2.3 update.
      When the night arrives, it is impossible to walk in and near the Village, the game is slow at night and only returns to normal when day falls.
      This did not happen in previous versions!

      1. The Lag only happens near the Village, at night.
      2. When you leave town at night, the LAG disappears.

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