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Some blocks use an inconsistent brightness gamma in blocks.json


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      Although these oddities were always present, the fix for MCPE-167836 in allows all of the brightness_gamma values in blocks.json to be changed, having a direct effect on the appearance of blocks in-game. This has both exposed new issues, and made older ones easier to fix. The fix for MCPE-167836 was correct and should not be reverted.

      List of affected blocks:

      • Sand, Red Sand - Brighter, inconsistent with Suspicious Sand
      • Sandstone, Red Sandstone and all of their variants - Slightly brighter, inconsistent with the stairs, slab and wall versions of these blocks (Partial cause of MCPE-54410)
      • Snow Block and Snow Layer - Brighter, regression of MCPE-57022
      • Nether Brick - Slightly brighter, inconsistent with all of its variants (New issue in
      • Red Nether Brick and Red Nether Brick Stairs - Inconsistent with the slab and wall versions (New issue in
      • Oak, Birch, Spruce, Jungle, Acacia, Dark Oak and Mangrove Leaves - Slightly brighter, probably intentional
      • Obsidian - Slightly darker, probably intentional
      • Crying Obsidian and Glowing Obsidian - No effect in-game due to MCPE-177349

      A simple fix for these would be to set these blocks' brightness_gamma component in blocks.json to the default value, which is 1.

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