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Cannot change brightness_gamma setting in blocks.json


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         "sandstone" : {
            "brightness_gamma" : 0.70,
            "isotropic" : {
               "down" : true,
               "up" : true

      When changing properties in blocks.json for texture packs, the brightness_gamma setting doesn't actually change at all. Every other property can be changed except this one. There is no visual change in-game when this setting is updated and applied.

      This has been a noted issue from 2+ years ago here


      How to replicate:

      • Change textures on a block that uses gamma_brightness by default (example sandstone) to be the same as a block that does not use gamma_brightness by default (example stone)
      • Change gamma_brightness setting in blocks.json on sandstone
      • See there is no change

      Files attached:

      Sample file that changes the textures of stone/sandstone to share a texture, and also the modified blocks.json file that should change gamma_brightness if it was working correctly.

        1. example1.png
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        2. example2-1.png
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        3. sandstone_TEST.mcpack
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