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Some Trees' Leaves/Logs get cut off at chunk borders prior to world generation


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      Some trees grown at the time of the created world generation will apear cut off at or near chunk borders.

      Edit by depressed-pho:
      This affects giant mushrooms too. You can easily find those shrooms in swamps because they are more eye-catching than trees.

      Steps to reproduce by DrAwesome4333:
      Steps to reproduce in
      Load this Resource Pack that will display chunk boundaries.
      Set render distance to 8 chunks.
      Create a new infinite creative world with the seed Tree
      Once spawned, you should be on a red line. Turn to face the sun (Note this is in and fly up.
      Now go towards the sun crossing 6 red lines below you (not counting the one you spawned on).
      After passing 6 lines turn 90 deg to the right and pass 6 blue lines.
      Turn right 90deg again and cross 6 red lines.
      Turn right 90deg again and cross 12 blue lines.
      Turn right 90deg once more and cross 11 red lines.
      There should now be 2 birch trees to your right that have been cut off at the chunk boundry (shown in blue).

      To compare, create a new world with the seed Tree again.
      Cross you 11 red lines while facing the sun.
      Turn left 90deg and cross 6 blue lines to see the same trees(now a little behind you) not cut off at the border.

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