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      Dear Mojang Team,

      I would like to report some problems that I have been facing in world generation in the Minecraft game, specifically in the reference Seed -3777870885386682256. I believe there is a break in terrain generation, resulting in some inconveniences while exploring the world.

      Speleothems on the surface: I have been observing the presence of speleothem blocks on the surface of the world, which is not expected. These elements should be located inside caves and grottoes, not on the open surface.

      Floating Tree Leaves: Another problem I have encountered is tree leaves floating in the air without being connected to the corresponding tree trunks. This compromises the aesthetics of the world and the gameplay experience.

      Below are some images that clearly demonstrate these problems.

      These issues negatively affect the immersion and visual quality of the game. As a dedicated player, I would like to request that the development team investigate and fix these world generation issues, so that we can enjoy a more consistent experience and in line with expectations.

      I appreciate the attention of the Mojang team and hope these issues are addressed in future updates. Minecraft is an amazing game, and I'm confident that with continued support from the development team, it will continue to thrive.

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