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Levers, Signs, Item Frames, Ladders, Paintings, Torches, and Redstone torches drop if connected to a block in a different chunk



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      What I expected to happen. When you place a Redstone torch so it connects to the side of a block, it will stay connected even if I leave the chunk the blocks is in but keep the chunk the torch is in.

      What happens is the redstone torch drops itself as an item as If i broke the block it was connected to.

      To reproduce: Find a chunk boundry and place a block that a redstone torch can be placed on the side of on 1 side ofthe boundry, place the torch on the other side of the boundary so it connect to the other block but is in a different chunk. Fly away some distance so that both chunks become unloaded. Walk back to the place where you had the torch. You will see that the torch has dropped itself as an Item.
      Update by kaleb418:

      Also affects:

      • Lever
      • Sign
      • Torches

      Update by [MCPE Mod] PHO:
      There are steps to reproduce this in MCPE-17271.

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