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Redstone dust on chunk borders can lose ability to power block in adjacent chunk, when reloading an area


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      Title updated by GoldenHelmet
      Steps to reproduce given in this comment. A simpler version has been been provided in this comment.
      Additional findings given in this comment and following.

      Original title
      Redstone Torches Can Break, When Reloading The Area
      Original description
      Occasionally when you reload an area of the world, redstone torches can break in a weird way. This typically happens when they are powering redstone dust, and the torch its self can be turned off bu the redstone circuit.

      Its a hard one to explain, but it happens pretty frequently on realms, and it breaks LOADS of redstone contraptions!

      Below you can find an image of a auto-sorters clock being broken from this bug, and a full demo in a video i made!

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