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JVM crashes in ig8icd64.dll (Broken Intel graphics card driver for "Intel HD Graphics 5500")



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    • Minecraft 15w41b
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    • Put your operating system (Windows 10) and Java version if you know it here: jre-8u60-windows-x64
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      You are using intel drivers which are crashing. Start by uninstalling your current drivers and install the latest version.

      If that won't help, try enabling VBOs and VSync. If that won't help, please use the Mojang Support Center.

      What's wrong: Whenever I load up a game on one of these snapshots (15w39c - 15w41b) and I start a world. When the chucks load, seconds later it immediately crashes (even if I stand still and don't touch or move anything). I had no troubles with the snapshots 15w39c and 15w40b when loading them up into a world until the new snapshot (15w41a-b) was released, then it kept crashing my game. What should happen: I should be able to play this snapshot because I have seen many videos on YouTube with people that have no trouble playing the snapshot and don't crash. Other: Although snapshot 15w38b and anything before that can load fine. Would you know what is happening?

      How to reproduce bug:
      1. I am not sure if it is possible to reproduce the bug because some people can play the snapshot completely fine without crashing or any other problems. I have heard from other people who have had the problem, but I would not know if you can recreate since this is unusual bug that effects certain people. Sorry, I hope that you know what the bug could possibly be and fix it. I appreciate for your time reading this and hopefully there is a fix to this. Good luck, thank you and have a nice day.


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