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You can report bugs you've found in Minecraft using this bug tracker. If you're reporting bugs you've found in our Minecraft Launcher, you can do so here. This is not for help or support, please see this helpful article if you need help with Minecraft. If you need help with your Mojang account, contact our support team at

Before you report a bug in any of our games, please perform a search first to see if someone has already contacted us about it to prevent duplicate reports being made.

Useful Links:
- Guide: Writing Helpful Bug Reports for Minecraft
- Minecraft Launcher bugs? Report and view them here!

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Tips for Making Awesome Reports

  1. Submit ONE issue per report please, it's easier for us to follow and manage!
  2. Please provide a (to the point) summary of your problem. Avoid one worded summaries and things like "help!!!".
  3. The description should contain details of the problem and how to reproduce it, so that we can more easily track down the problem and try to fix it.
  4. Please search before creating a report to make sure your issue hasn't already been reported. If it has, please join the discussion there!
  5. If you've discovered an exploit or a security issue, please create a Private report that only yourself and Mojang will be able to see.

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