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Warden continues to roar at targets in unloaded chunks


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      This relates to MC-250218, MC-250207, MC-250183, and MC-250198.

      The bug:
      If the warden is angered by a target and the chunk that target is in gets unloaded, the warden will roar continuously until that targets anger value goes below 80.

      Steps to reproduce: (You don't need to create a scoreboard to see the anger value, but it can be useful visually seeing it)

      • Create a scoreboard with the commands below
        /scoreboard objectives add WardenAnger dummy
        /scoreboard objectives setdisplay sidebar WardenAnger
      • Inside of a repeating command block that is always active, enter this command.
        execute as @e[type=minecraft:warden,limit=1] at @s store result score AngerLevel WardenAnger run data get entity @s anger.suspects[0].anger
      • Summon in a creeper with the command below (This creeper can't despawn so it's not producing the bug seen in MC-250218)
         /summon creeper ~ ~ ~ {CustomNameVisible:1b,PersistenceRequired:1b,CustomName:'{"text":"Gary"}'}
      • Spawn in a warden
      • Once the warden's anger value towards Gary goes above 80, (this is when the warden roars), use the command below
        /tp @e[name=Gary,type=creeper] ~ ~100 ~500

      Observed result:

      • The warden will roar continuously until the wardens anger value towards the creeper goes below 80

      Expected results:

      • The warden will retain the creepers anger value, but proceed to roam and look for other suspects.
      • If the chunks that creeper was in were to be loaded, the warden would proceed to chase and try to kill the target.

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