Release Notes - Minecraft: Java Edition - Version 1.19.1 Pre-release 1 - HTML format


  • [MC-249973] - Loading resource packs is significantly slower in 1.19
  • [MC-252327] - World list fails to load after restarting game and deleting a world
  • [MC-252508] - Realms worldgen type missing language string
  • [MC-253055] - Resource packs causing each WeighedSoundEvents to duplicate Sounds
  • [MC-253102] - Chat reporting uses "Messages" for one message
  • [MC-253105] - Chat report category scroll bar intersects the selected option outline
  • [MC-253108] - Selection boxes within the "Select Report Category" menu aren't vertically centered with the text inside them
  • [MC-253109] - The descriptions of report categories can overlap the "Description:" subtitle
  • [MC-253110] - Text within the "Discard report and comments?" menu isn't horizontally centered
  • [MC-253111] - You cannot use CTRL+HOME or CTRL+END to navigate to the beginning or end of text within the "Report Chat" menu
  • [MC-253113] - Chat message content can extend past the outline of a button and past the scroll bar
  • [MC-253123] - The button within the "Sending your report" menu changes upon resizing the game window
  • [MC-253126] - The scroll bar within the "Select Chat Messages to Report" menu sometimes resets its position to the bottom of the list after scrolling upwards
  • [MC-253127] - Reason is not provided when chat report creation is not able to be started
  • [MC-253134] - Allays from older worlds don't duplicate
  • [MC-253176] - The character indicator symbol within the "Report Chat" menu is untranslatable
  • [MC-253178] - The word "Non-consensual" is spelled as "Non-consentual" within the "gui.abuseReport.reason.non_consensual_intimate_imagery" string
  • [MC-253183] - The word "Unrelated" within the "gui.chatSelection.fold" string is incorrectly capitalized
  • [MC-253185] - The ESC key cannot be used to exit the "Sending your report" menu
  • [MC-253191] - Particles produced from allays duplicating cannot be seen by other players

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