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Allays from older worlds don't duplicate


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      The bug

      Allays spawned in older versions (pre-22w24a) cannot duplicate.

      To reproduce

      1. Open a world in 1.19.
      2. Summon an allay.
      3. Upgrade the world to 22w24a.
      4. Try to duplicate the allay using a jukebox and an amethyst shard.

      Observed result

      The allay did not duplicate, because the CanDuplicate tag was not set to 1.

      Expected result

      The allay would be able to be duplicated.

      Original description

      Allays created by world generation (those found in mansions or outposts) or the place command don´t duplicate when given an amethist shard in the 9 block radius of a jutebox with a disk playing. But allay´s made by the allay spawn egg do duplicate under the same condition.

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