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Realm frequently freezes and rolls back to previous save when log out



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    • 1.18 (Bedrock)
    • 1.18 (Bedrock)
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      Since the 1.18.30 update the bedrock realm I play on has been very unstable and freezes a lot. 

      Known affected players are on Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, PC and Xbox One. 

      Block lag or complete server lag happens at random times, most notably:

      • players joining the realm
      • opening chests
      • standing idle 

      Sometimes this lag fixes itself after a few seconds, but most of the time the realm just freezes and becomes unplayable/unable to interact with the world. 

      If we leave the realm after this freeze takes place we are unable to rejoin for about 10-20 minutes. When finally able to log back in, the realm has rolled back to the last update, sometimes up to 30 minutes ago. 


      Edit 24 April: Since posting, I have noticed that the realm is stable as long as I stay out of areas with villagers (might be something else in the same area, but this is what I have noticed). Managed to play for 4 hours this evening with no lag, and when purposefully walking closer to an area with villagers the blocks stopped responding immediately. 
      The only other thing in that area with the villagers is a sugarcane farm. 




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