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World corrupted/broken in 1.18.30


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      My 2 year old survival world corrupted or broke somehow. Here's what happened:

      I was exploring and then flew back to my storage building. Suddenly i noticed really bad lag spikes when i was inside the building that wouldnt go away so i thought restarting would fix it. I exited my world and then the game got stuck forever in the "saving worlds" screen and I had to close the game as nothing else would work.

      When i loaded back into my world everything looked normal but as soon as i flew off to a different area the chunks stopped loading and i couldnt interact with anything in the world anymore. If I save and exit it gets stuck in a endless saving screen again. Restarting and entering the world results in the same thing again. It puts me back at my storage room and everything works until I fly to a different location and the world stops loading/freezes.

      It seems to happen when i fly into a certain area of the world. Flying into that area is followed by lag spikes and freezes. But the world seems to have slower chunk loading in general since the issue happened.

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