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The Nether Update brings unbelievable lag



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      Ever since update 1.14.60 and update 1.14.30, I have been experiencing performance issues which I have never had before. The same goes for my friend on the switch. This update causes the game to have lower FPS in most cases than in previous updates and this is a real problem as it also brings random lag spikes. Not only this, but when in areas such as woodland mansions, the game is pretty much unplayable. In 1.16.0, the nether doesn't lag, but the overworld still does, and in multiplayer the lag is unbearable.

      Note: I play on iOS, but the lag also affects Windows 10, other mobiles, Switch and even Xbox One! Apparently according to comments Linux is also heavily hit. 

      How to reproduce:


      1. Enter a woodland mansion. This is the easiest way to see the performance issues.
      2. Change to creative if not on it and start flying.
      3. Prepare for strong performance issues!


      UPDATE: Well, the bugs have got even worse. The game now crashes either if you are not updated to the latest software or if you are offline.


      UPDATE 2: The game appears less laggy now, but there is a still a huge issue involving memory leaks when a) killing mobs and b) using maps or addons.


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