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Performance is horrible on iPad Pro 2018



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      I’d thought this would be fixed in the latest update but no. Performance is really lacking for iPad Pro 2018 with the A12X chip. Compared to my iPhone X with the A11 chip the game’s performance is horrible. My iPad has a 120 FPS display and my phone has a 60 FPS display. And yet the game runs at around 30 on my iPad and 50 on my phone. And then theirs the sensitivity on max (100) its really smooth on my phone but on my iPad its really slow and choppy. So why is the game running so badly?! The A12X is so much faster then the A11. I have ALL of the fancy graphics turn off and my render distance set to 8. I’ve waited over 1 year for some improvement but nothing. And then the screen safe area is super broken on my iPhone X and iPad Pro. Which makes the game really frustrating to play when most of the game UI gets cut off! Theirs over 10 reports on this and nothing has been fixed! I’ve been waiting to long (over a year) for something to be done. Im not the only one their are some people on reddit having the same problem as me. Also my cousins have iPad 7th gens with the A10 chip and the game runs just fine for them.

      I’m really just done with Minecraft I’m going to cancel my realms subscription.




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