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Corridor chests sometimes won’t generate in Stronghold


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      The process to reproduce this is the same as MCPE-23416, MCPE-97295, and MCPE-141499. To get a missing chest specifically use these steps:

      1. Set render distance to 8 and turn on the auto-save icon.
      2. Create a world using the "Stronghold Below" seed with simulation distance 4 or 6.
      3. /tp 1126 70 -15
      4. Move to 32 < Z < 47, then quickly back to Z < 0, and wait.
      5. Once the auto-save icon appears, /tp 1126 27 201.

      Expected result

      Chests at Z = 202 and Z = 209.

      Observed result

      One or both chests are missing.
      Missing chest.mp4

      This is hard to reproduce because it will happen at random times.

      Steps to reproduce

      1. 1 enter a stronghold
      2. 2 search for corridor chests ( if none of them is missing, then try the same seed a few time.)

      Observed result:
      Sometimes a corridor chest is missing, resulting in an empty chest holder and missing loot.

      Expected result
      All chest should generate
      -27149278 (Stronghold Below)
      1126 27 201

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