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Body Guard achievement unobtainable


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      I was trying to get as many achievements as possible in the newest Beta version on Xbox One. Every other achievement unlocked without much issue but Body Guard refuses to unlock.


      "What I expected to happen was..."

      I would build an iron golem out of 4 iron blocks and a pumpkin and not long afterwards the Bodyguard achievement would unlock.


      "What actually happened was..."

      I built 15 plus iron golems with no luck unlocking the achievement or showing progress towards it unlocking. I tried and successfully unlocked other achievements on the same world in between tries to rule out it being a problem with the world having cheats on or anything else that might disable achievements. 


      "Steps to reproduce..."

      1. Place the 4 iron blocks in a T shape
      2. Place a pumpkin on the top middle of the iron block T to turn it into an iron golem**
      3. Notice how it does in fact create the iron golem but doesn't trigger the achievement to unlock. It also doesn't remove the pumpkin used to create the iron golem from your inventory, instead duplicating the pumpkin indefinitely no matter how many times you use the same pumpkin to make multiple iron golems. This is in fact my last achievement in the game now (besides play for 100 days which is progressing and tracking normally).

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