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Cactus blocks are not breaking themselves properly



    • Type: Bug
    • Status: Resolved
    • Resolution: Cannot Reproduce
    • Affects Version/s: 0.7.0
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      Phone - iOS - iPhone 4


      Cactus blocks are not breaking themselves properly

      Describe what you thought should happen here:

      When a cactus grows if the new grown block is next to another block it should break itself and drop a cactus block

      What actually happened was:

      The cactus grew and the new "grown" cactus block did not break off even though it grew itself next to a block

      Steps to Reproduce:

      1. Dig a 1 block deep 8 block long channel,
      Put 1 water bucket into either end of the channel.

      2. Repeat digging these channels so you have 3 total, each channel spaced 1 block away from each other, fill the other two with 1 water bucket each in the same end as the first channel.

      3. now, you should have 2 "walls" in between the water, you want to replace these walls of whatever block type with sand.

      4. now dig one block out across the whole width of the area we used at the opposite end from where you put the water, so that way you have a 5 block long path that has no water flowing in it, (Yet) , then you want to dig 1 block deep to the right extending this channel by 1 block past it's original width in this clear channel.

      5. Dig 1 more block deeper in this 1 block extension so it is 2 blocks deep, then dig 3 blocks deeps right next to the 2 block deep part, continue this 3 deep for 8 blocks long.

      6. Make a staircase so you can access the water flow from the 3 deep channel, put one bucket of water in the left most block of the clear channel, then just go with the flow to the staircase.

      7. onto placing the cactus: Stand to the side the whole build, you want to leave the first block towards the clear channel (now filled with water) empty. put a 2 block high cobblestone tower on the 2nd block in destroy the bottom block, skip one block, put a 2 block high cobblestone tower on the 4th block in, destroy the bottom block, put a 2 block high cobblestone tower on the 6th block in, destroy the bottom block, put a 2 block high cobblestone tower on the last ( or 8th block in) block, and destroy the bottom block.

      8. Now place 1 cactus block one the 1rst, 3rd, 5th, & 7th blocks, repeat with the second sand "wall", when the cacti grow they should not break themselves automatically for whatever reason/bug, I hope this is in-depth enough for you mojang. ~Clayton


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