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Great Lag issues due to certain blocks/entitys.



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      Im on a Samsung Galaxy tab a nook. Since day one of the beta I've noticed that villagers, iron golems, and leaves seem to generate massive lag when around said entitys/blocks I built my house near a small Forrest and when I updated the lag was very noticeable. It brought me down to 10 fps being near those trees and turning off fancy graphics did not help much. Going into any Forrest lags my device greatly. As soon and I removed all the trees around my house in a 100 block radius I'm now getting 32 fps in my base. As for the village I have 12 villagers max that I keep for trading and when I'm in the village with them I get 15 to 25 fps on peaceful difficulty. At night time peaceful or not in a village I get 10 to 15 fps but not every night confusinly enough. And on occasion if a iron golems spawns my device goes down to 4 fps. I've not tested Many More mobs yet but plan to soon. I also use plutonium mode.


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