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Chests won't open and really laggy when in villages and farms



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      Xbox One



      I would like to first start by saying that i am very excited about the upcoming release of the super duper graphics pack but overall i am not very impressed with the bedrock system on xbox one. The crafting menu is terrible and makes navigation very difficult and what was previously a very crisp playable game on the xbox one, has now become not much more than a beta project that induces worry and panic every time i play in expectation of various bugs and how much they will affect my game play.

      My current issues are as follows:

      I have been playing my world on realms but i have been unable to open chests for days. I can use the action button on most other objects like gates and crafting tables but not chests. I have tried locked chests as well and they do not work either.

      I decided therefore to transfer my world back onto my hard drive and play offline and this worked to resolve the chest issue but has developed a very annoying lag. There seems to be a delay in all movement that is very small but this gets worse as more NCP's increase around me. For example, I have farm that has worked fine for months but now i can't go to my farm as the amount of lag makes the game unplayable. This is also true of villages and temples. I have only noticed this since converting my world back offline and I am unable to test if this is the case online on realms as I cannot play there due to the chest issues.

      Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated,

      Kind regards
      Kieren Mitchell


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