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Going through Nether/End portal causes game to get stuck on "Building Terrain", and restarting the game teleports player to the same coordinates of the dimension that they left from


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      I don't believe MCPE-158215 is resolved on 1.20.10.  MCPE-158215 When this occurs, it is generating a crash or unrecoverable freeze.  I've experienced this 3 times in a week on a shared server.  It randomly occurs when teleporting from a Nether portal to the Overworld. It only happens when there are multiple users on the server.  The Nether portal is located at Y11 connected to an Overworld Portal located at y-59.  When entering the Nether Portal, the game hangs at the "Building Terrain" dialog.  The game either crashes or I have to close it.  When I re-log, I am at the Nether Portal coordinates in the overworld at Y11.  No overworld portal is created.  The first time I was teleported into solid rock and was suffocating.   I've since cleared the area but a portal still does not generate.  I can ask the server owner for a world export if needed but I have not been able to intentionally reproduce this.

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