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Portal Travel causes death and loss of items


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      Repro Steps provided by GoldenHelmet and comment here:
      Steps to reproduce:

      1. Load New Portal Damage 1.20.10.mcworld. This world contains an OW portal at -30, 68, 0 and a Netherside portal at 0, 54, 2. Near the Netherside portal there is a large herd of pigs trapped in 1x1 space. There are also command blocks set up for toggling the blocks around each portal's coordinates in the oppposite dimension.
      2. Enter the OW portal. You should take damage when you exit in the nether.
      3. Change to creative, fly over to the command blocks near -35, 60, 0, and flip the lever. This should change the stone to glass.
      4. Go through the portal to the overworld.
      5. Change back to survival.
      6. Enter the OW portal again. You will not take damage when you exit the nether this time.
      7. Repeat steps (2) - (6) entering the Netherside portal and exiting in the overworld. The command blocks near 0, 63, 3 toggle the blocks around the Netherside portal's coordinates in the OW between dirt and water. As with the command blocks in the nether, you will take damage coming into the dimension when the redstone torch is off, and you will not take damage when it is on.
      8. If you like, repeat all of the above after killing the pigs. It is likely you will not take damage at all.

      Expected results
      You never take damage from using a nether portal.

      Observed results
      When the entrance portal's coordinates in the exit dimension are solid blocks and there are enough entities near one of the portals to slow down chunk saving/loading a bit, then you take suffocation damage from being inside of the solid blocks at the entrance portal's coordinates in the exit dimension during loading.

      Original Description:
      Both my son and I have recently been traveling through portals. The location doesn't matter. He travelled through the end portal back to the overworld, I travelled through a nether portal back to the overworld. 

      Both times, we would go into the portal, the screen would change to "Generating terrain" and we would immediately hear the sound of taking damage. In both cases, we lost everything we were carrying. Unfortunately, both times, we had also made extended trips to each dimension. Eventually, the game freezes and we die. When we restart the game, we are at our last spawn point, and everything we were carrying or wearing is gone. When we go back to the portal to attempt to recover it, everything is gone. When my son died after traveling through the end portal (End to overworld), the text said he fell out of the world. No one was around when I died, so I don't know what the message was. 

      I lost two stacks of nether quartz blocks, two stacks of gold ingots made from nuggets, 18 pieces of nether debris, the shulker box it was in, and all my netherite armor and tools. My son lost a stack of diamonds, several stacks of ender pearls, all his armor and tools, a stack of shulker shells, and 5 elytras. 

      We'll get them back I'm sure through game play, but that's a fairly serious bug to have happened to different users twice. We are currently running a private server on my synology server at home through a docker container. It's up to date, as we can't join it from our iPads unless the versions match, so it's also 1.17 and change. I don't expect that we will get our things back or anything from the game creators, but it would be cool if we did. Thanks. 

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