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Camera slowly drifts down while moving and slowly drifts up while stationary


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    • 1.18.31, 1.20.0, Preview, 1.20.41 Hotfix
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      Steps to reproduce

      1. Turn on view bobbing.
      2. Face straight toward a wall of blocks with rough texture, standing a few blocks away.
      3. Without moving your crosshair, walk straight into the wall of blocks and stop.

      Expected result

      Walking does not lower you line of sight and stopping does not raise your line of sight.

      Observed result

      It does. After you stop your view rises by a few pixels.

      the view bobbing does not work properly, as the player's camera drifts downwards overal while moving, and moves upwards oddly slowly when you stop. you can see this simply by moving in any capacity. this only effects bedrock edition and hinders the game feel. youd expect the view bobbing to be a consistent sine wave but instead this happens.

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