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View bobbing doesn't work the same when facing different cardinal directions


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      When the player is facing North or South, view bobbing doesn't work properly at all. In first person, their screen tilts left and right when they're facing North and moves to left and right like a snake when they're facing South. In third person, their screen bobs left and right when they're facing both North and South. When the player is facing West or East, view bobbing works properly.

      Repro Steps:

      1. Head North or South and move towards that direction.
      2. Head West or East and move towards that direction.
      3. Observe and compare.

      Observed Results:
      View bobbing doesn't work properly when the player facing Z+ or Z-, but it does when they're facing X+ or X-.

      Expected Results:
      View bobbing should work properly regardless of what direction the player is facing.

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