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Hunger depletion accelerated and occurs while just walking with many Marketplace worlds and realms/server-focused addons


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      Update from GoldenHelmet

      The changes to the hunger system in 1.18.30 fixed MCPE-56031 and brought Bedrock to parity with Java for vanilla gameplay. However, players using addons that contain a player.json file experienced a massive increase in the rate of hunger drain. This especially affects realms and community servers that use utility addons like one-player-sleep, and it also affects marketplace content, for example the Realms Celebration world.

      The cause of this issue is that new default exhaustion values were created that are much higher for some actions than the values added to the vanilla behavior pack. The defaults even include hunger drain for walking. They also do not match vanilla exhaustion from prior to 1.18.30. The difference between the new vanilla and new defaults is documented here. I conjecture that the defaults are leftover testing values or were made to fix MCPE-152533 without testing other content or considering the wider impact. In any case, since new defaults do not give correct versioning/backward-compatibility I think they can be considered a bug.

      Steps to reproduce

      1. Create a new flat world in survival mode, normal difficulty, coordinates enabled, with cheats on. Set it to always day, no mob spawning, and no weather cycle.
      2. After you spawn, sprint-jump for 1000 blocks.
      3. Repeat the above in Java Edition for comparison.
      4. Repeat (1) - (2) but apply MCPE-154238 Starvation Program.mcpack to the world, which contains only the player.json file from 1.18.10. When you can no longer run due to hunger, stop jumping and just walk.

      Expected result

      Same hunger drain in each test.

      Observed result

      The depletion of initial saturation takes the same amount of time, but once saturation is used up hunger drains much faster with the addon. Hunger also drains with the addon or in an affected Marketplace World while merely walking.

      Milestone Java Vanilla 1.18.30 Using Addon/Marketplace World
      Start losing hunger 440 440 440
      Lost 4 drumsticks 1000 1000 600
      Can no longer run n/a n/a 725
      Starving n/a n/a 1000


      Food bar showing rapid depletion since 1.18.30 food currently being used much faster than pre-update to 1.18.30

      Step 1 - eat enough food to fill the food bar
      Step 2 - walk more than 200 blocks and observe the amount of food depletion
      Step 3 - note how much the depletion has dropped. In my case more than 3 units.

      Prior to 1.18.30 walking 200 blocks would not deplete your food bar by 1 unit

      According to the update logs parity with Java should be achieved. This is not the case and parity is broken. Playing Java edition sees the player being able to walk much further with the same amount of food usage.

      Expected results - parity with Java edition.

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