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Hunger bar does not deplete in mash-up worlds


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      In Beta, the player's hunger bar does not deplete in the following mash-up worlds:

      • Adventure Time
      • Star Wars
      • Steven Universe
        (The following were tested in Preview by Auldrick)
      • Ultimate City Mash-up
      • Norse Mythology Mash-up
      • Chinese Garden Mash-up

      Other official mash-up worlds may also be affected, but I do not own them currently, so I am unable to test them.

      Steps to Reproduce:

      1. Download one of the mash-up packs from the list above
      2. Create the mash-up world
      3. Set the game mode to Survival and the difficulty to Easy, Normal, or Hard
      4. Sprint jump around the world for a long time
      5. Observe the hunger bar

      Observed Results:
      The player's hunger bar remains full the entire time.

      Expected Results:
      The player's hunger bar should deplete as it does in normal worlds.

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