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Snow layers exposed to the sky incorrectly regenerate in chunks in snowy biomes


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      When logging on to a world, snow layers reset back to the first layer and sometimes completely disappear on previously loaded chunks.It also affects when the chunk is reloaded without the need to leave the world.


      • Weather and issue was introduced in Minecraft in version 0.12.1 alpha build 1
      • The issue was fixed exclusively for snow blocks in version (MCPE-11867), but persists for snow layers

      Steps to Reproduce:

      1. Create a new world with the seed 475
      2. Type /weather rain
      3. Wait for the snow layers to pile up
      4. Reload the world

      Observed Results:
      Most of the snow layers reset back to the first layer, or sometimes disappear completely.

      Expected Results:
      Snow layers should not reset back to the first layer or disappear when reloading the world or reload chunk.

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