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Items Duplicating in hot-bar After Use


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    • 0.14.3
    • 0.15.0 Realms Alpha build 2, 0.14.2, 0.14.3, 0.15.0 Realms Alpha build 4
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    • Phone - Android - Motorola Droid Turbo

      Realms Alpha Build 2 and 0.14.2
      While in a realm, items being used in hand are being duplicated over an item in the hot-bar menu.

      1) Walking around with a map in hand
      2) Switch to a sword to kill a zombie
      3) the map turned into a sword
      4) Now I have two swords

      Another IE:
      1) Mining
      2) Pull out pick ax, start mining
      3) A random item in the hot bar turns into a pick ax
      4) After mining for a while, I now have 6 pick axes in my inventory when I started with one. Random items- bread, axes, stacks of iron ore, wood can potentially turn into the item being used.

      I have had all sorts of items get duplicated, including stacks of food and plants.

      It is random, and difficult to reproduce, but it happens once or so every 5-10 minutes.

      I can now accurately replicate this duplication process. Here is the procedure:

      1) Fill one item in each of the hot-bar spaces.
      2) Take a pick ax, and place it into one of the hot-bar spaces.
      3) Go into the inventory, and change the location of the pickax in the hot-bar with another hot-bar item (effectively just swapping places).
      4) Immediately use the pick ax, and it will duplicate the pick ax with the item that you swapped locations with in step 3.

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