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      ^theres even a bug on my ipad where im trying to click the down arrow om the menu above this one for affects verisons and i cant see what any of that even says cause it keeps pulling up my keyboard and flashing the down arrow menu but wont let me see or select anything.

      Anyways the main bug is happening on my ipad and my gfs samsung tablet as well. Were in our own game and she hosting a server off her tablet so only us can play in the world. I discovered a dupilcation bug thats really major and ruining the game for both of us and i didnt see it in the first 7 pages of the bug issues on here but ive seen mamy people online "excited" over this bug but no one saying how to fix it. at first it was fun because all i have to do is put ANY item in my hand, smack it into anything and it dupicates it. Now its making the game boring and i, trying to restrain myself from taking advantge of the bug but its pretty hard. i liked working for everything weve made, now its just ruining the world in the game. I even made a lava pit to try to burn the things that get duplicated but its still pretty hard to do at times. everything i use gets duplicated, i use an axe, gets duplicated, its crazy. I noticed it first when i went to milk cows with a bucket and it was glitching where id get the milk but my character would drink it without me telling it to! so to try to stop that id milk the cow then click an empty slot as fast i could right when i got the milk to stop them from drinking it, which is a bug itself, and thats when i think the duplication started, now it wont stop.
      Is there a fix for this?




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