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Dripstone Pillars Spawn without Pointed Dripstone and Above


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      Dripstone Pillars from the dripstone cave biome in Java spawn in Bedrock and they spawn without pointed dripstone.

      Steps to Reproduce:

      1. Load a Minecraft World with Caves n Cliffs.
      2. Dig for a while through caves until you find a dripstone pillar
      3. RepeatĀ 

      Observed Results:
      Dripstone Pillars from the dripstone cave biome spawn like the Java Dripstone Cave generation which was never mentioned in the changelog therefore its observed that they spawn without pointed dripstone unlike its Java Counterpart.

      Expected Results:
      Dripstone Pillars should spawn with pointed dripstone on top of them if they are supposed to spawn in the world.

      Note: If you can't reproduce this its because of this bug >>> MCPE-140610 Please Upvote and Confirm This Bug!

      Update: This Bug Has Gotten Worse In The New Beta I Don't See Dripstone Pillars as Frequently in The New Beta( and Above)! This Has Gotten Sadly Even Worse Please Upvote MCPE-140613

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