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[Experimental] Minecraft Bedrock Caves Biomes have Uneven Distribution or Concentration of Cave Biomes Compared to Java Cave Biomes


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      Summary: If you compare Cave Biome Generation between Bedrock and Java you will find that Lush Caves Generate more frequently on Bedrock than Java and Bedrock Dripstone Caves Generate to infrequently compared to Java.

      Method 1: Exploring The World

      Steps To Reproduce:
      Step 1: Load Experimental Snapshot 6 and fly around in Spectator Mode (Bedrock sorta has this) at Caves Y Level.
      Step 2: Compare and Analyze Dripstone and Lush Cave Biome Generation and distance between another Biome of the same kind.
      Step 3: Repeat.
      Step 4: Load or .24 with Caves n Cliffs toggle enabled and fly around and explore world.
      Step 5: Compare and Analyze Dripstone and Lush Cave Biome Distribution and distance between another biome of the same kind.
      Step 6: Repeat all the steps.

      Method 2: Use Locate Biome Command

      Steps To Reproduce:
      Step 1: Use Locate Biome Command on Java (Bedrock lacks this making it harder to prove this as a true bug report but from my testing this is a valid bug report).
      Step 2: Measure distances between Caves Biomes and Compare to Bedrock.
      Step 3: Repeat.

      Method 3: Go on the Web and Find Seeds

      Steps To Reproduce:
      Step 1: Find a Dripstone Cave Biome and Lush Cave Biome seed on the Latest Versions of both Games containing the newest Cave Gen(Generation) on the respective game.
      Step 2: Measure the Amount of Seeds Found.
      Step 3: If you want to Fact Check or not do Step 2 then do this to Compare the Average distance between Cave Biomes on Average or Concentration of Cave Biomes on Average.
      Step 4: Compare the Data between Versions.
      Step 5: Repeat.

      Observed Result: Bedrock and Java have disparities in the overall distribution of Cave Biomes and frequency or concentration of Cave Biomes.

      Expected Result: Cave Biomes Concentration and Distribution should be more similar or inline between versions having Dripstone Caves generate more frequently on Bedrock to Align with Java and Lush Caves slightly Less on Bedrock.

      Related To: MCPE-135061

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