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[Experimental] Dripstone Pillars Aren't Generating as Frequently in Dripstone Caves in and Above Compared to and Below


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      Summary: I Tested the New Beta To Find That Dripstone Pillars Don't Generate as Often.

      Steps to Reproduce:
      Step 1: Load a World in Beta with Caves N Cliffs Beta Toggle On.
      Step 2: Find a Dripstone Cave.
      Step 3: Repeat.

      Observed Result: Dripstone Cave Generation Has Gotten Worse Then When I Submitted MCPE-128128. Dripstone Pillars Generate a lot Less in and Above Compared to and Below in Dripstone Caves.

      Expected Result: Dripstone Pillars Should Generate In Dripstone Caves.

      Related To: MCPE-139724
      Related To: MCPE-135062

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