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    • Minecraft 14w20a
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      I´ll explain everything in the video:


      Mod edit: Added description of above link:

      The problem mentioned in the video also affects normal slime spawning in the overworld. To explain it short: In the latest snapshots the algorithm for slime spawning does not check if medium or big slimes collide with blocks, therefore they can spawn within blocks. This causes the following problems:

      • small slimes fill up the Mobcap
      • less Zombiepigmen/WitherSkeletons/Blazes are spawning
      • farming skulls/nuggets/rods will become a lot harder
      • the Nether will become a lot easier since those mobs will spawn very rarely
      • a lot of gold farms and ALL WitherSkeleton farms will break in 1.8


      After a bit more testing it looks like the new spawning works this way:

      • If a spawnable block was found the game checks if there is something with a hitbox directly above this spot (any block solid or transparent)
      • If that is the case no slime is able to spawn
      • If there is no hitbox above this single block a slime can spawn in all sizes
      • Problem is that there is no seperate check for surrounding blocks if its a medium or big slime
        --> Slimes spawn in blocks and can suffocate

      They basically use the normal 2 high mobspawning rules like Creeper, Zombies etc. which makes no sense for slimes since they have completely different hotboxes.

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