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Large Magma Cubes Spawning in 2 wide area


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    • Minecraft 14w10c
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    • Windows 7 64 Bit, Java 64 Bit 7 51
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      Large Magma Slimes, which used to require a 3 x 2.5 x 3 area I believe, are now spawning on a 1 wide platform with blocks against one side and a gap on the other. See screenshot for an example of this.

      The area for the spawning that I've witnessed this is essentially a 1 wide area based on them spawning on the center of the block as there is a wall to one side of the block in which they would be spawning on.

      I believe only tiny magma cubes should be able to spawn on that area, and this was the case prior to the 1.8 snapshots.

      Note: Searched and checked all issues containing the word "magma" prior to submiting, sorry if this is a duplicate as I could not find an existing report for this issue

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