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Breeze eyes are inconsistent with similarly emissive mobs/Breeze model's glowing eyes are still not resource-pack-friendly


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      Continuation of MC-266688 after incomplete fix.

      The breeze's model is now set up so that the emissive parts are only on its head, which can be an inconvenience for resource pack makers, since there still isn't full control over emissivity. It is also inconsistent with other mobs, such as the phantom, spider, enderman, etc.

      It would be significantly more useful if the the eyes texture for the breeze has UV that can be applied across the entire model, like the other mobs with emissive eyes/parts.

      The attached image uses the attached resource pack; featuring the breeze and 3 other mobs, all with their eye texture the same solid colour. Notice how the breeze's rods are not affected by the glow, while the others also have the main texture peeking from underneath.

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