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Sprinting particles on the edges of blocks are still incorrect


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      The bug

      23w18a fixed MC-1133, causing particles generated by falling from a height onto the edge of a block to use the texture of the block the player actually collides with, and for those particles to be generated at that block's position rather than the player's position. However, sprinting particles are still incorrect: they use the texture of the block the player is positioned over rather than colliding with, and are not generated at the position of the collided-with block.

      How to reproduce

      1. Create a setup like that in the screenshots
      2. Fall from a height onto the edge of the full blocks
      3. Sprint on the edges of the full blocks

      Expected results

      In both cases, the produced particles would be that of the full block and would appear at the edge of the block.

      Actual results

      The particles are not that of the full block, and are generated far away from the top surface of it.

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