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Dragon fireballs do not use a model


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      The bug

      Unlike many other projectiles which use 2D textures, dragon fireballs do not use a 3D model, and instead billboard the texture as if it were a particle. This results in visual inconsistencies with other projectiles and also forbids further customization via resource packs.

      How to reproduce

      1. /summon fireball ~ ~3 ~
      2. /summon dragon_fireball ~ ~3 ~
      3. Closely inspect both entities

      Expected results

      Both of these fireball projectiles would appear to have a sense of "thickness" to them, due to using an item's model.

      Actual results

      The normal fireball correctly has a thickness, as it uses an item model. However, the dragon fireball does not.

      How to fix

      A dedicated model could be added for dragon fireballs, under assets/minecraft/models/item, or preferably a new dedicated folder for entities assets/minecraft/models/entity.

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