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Warden is invisible for a split second when spawned in by spawner or spawn egg


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    • 22w14a
    • 22w12a, 22w13a
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      I was messing around with the warden and spawners until I saw that the warden is invisible for like a frame when it is spawned in. I saw this because I had hitboxes active and I could see the warden's hitbox appear before the model loads in.

      To repeat this, Grab a spawner and right click it with a warden spawn egg, then, turn on hitboxes and wait to see that there is a moment where the warden's hitbox is visible but the warden itself isn't.

      I would try to screenshot it, but I tried countless times and couldn't time it just right.

      Just to note, I tried this with other mobs and it doesn't seem like they have this behavior when spawning in.

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