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Some subtitles relating to the warden don't contain possessive apostrophes where appropriate


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      The Bug:

      Some subtitles relating to the warden don't contain possessive apostrophes where appropriate.

      Possessive apostrophes are normally used to indicate possession of a person, place, or thing, however, these aren't present within some subtitles relating to the warden when they should be. Because of this, the affected subtitles are grammatically incorrect.

      Below is a table I've constructed that highlights these errors and shows the inconsistency that's present here. You can find information about what the current and expected strings are and would be, their translation keys, and links to the appropriate strings on crowdin.

      Translation Key Current Subtitle Expected Subtitle URL String on Crowdin
      subtitles.entity.panda.pre_sneeze Panda's nose tickles Panda's nose tickles https://crowdin.com/translate/minecraft/9435/enus-engb#5222917 
      subtitles.entity.warden.heartbeat Warden heart beats Warden's heart beats https://crowdin.com/translate/minecraft/10002/enus-engb#5295324 
      subtitles.entity.warden.tendril_clicks Warden tendrils click Warden's tendrils click https://crowdin.com/translate/minecraft/10002/enus-engb#5295328 

      Steps to Reproduce:

      • Ensure that you have subtitles enabled in your accessibility settings.
      • Produce any of the affected sounds as listed above by running any of the below commands.
      • /playsound minecraft:entity.warden.heartbeat master @a
      • /playsound minecraft:entity.warden.tendril_clicks master @a
      • Watch the subtitles overlay closely and pay attention to how the subtitles are formatted/presented.
      • Take note as to whether or not some subtitles relating to the warden contain possessive apostrophes where appropriate.

      Observed Behavior:

      Possessive apostrophes aren't present.

      Expected Behavior:

      Possessive apostrophes would be present.

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