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Minecraft uses two different color palettes for leather



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      This ticket can be considered an extension of MC-181530, as I've noticed that this issue applies to more than just saddles.

      The bug

      There currently appear to be two distinct colors used for things made of leather. One of these is a light orange color (henceforth referred to as the "classic palette"), and the other a darker brown (which we will call the "modern palette"). The colors used by leather and its products commonly differ where consistency would be expected.

      Examples of cases where the classic palette is used:

      • Leather itself
      • Item frames as an item
      • Item frames when placed
      • Saddles as an item
      • Saddles on pigs
      • Saddles on striders
      • Saddles on camels
      • Saddles on ravagers

      Examples of cases where the modern palette is used:

      • Leather armor as an item
      • Leather armor when equipped
      • Leather horse armor as an item
      • Leather horse armor when equipped
      • Saddles on horses/donkeys/mules

      Expected results

      All items made of leather would use the same palette, regardless of what the item is.

      Actual results

      These two different palettes still exist, even differing for the same item in one case (saddles), and recent introductions continue to use different palettes (saddled striders use the classic palette despite leather horse armor using the modern palette).

      How to fix

      Either all classic palette using items should be retextured to use the modern palette, or modern palette items should be retextured to use the classic palette.


      The "classic palette" versus "modern palette" distinction originates with 1.4.2's changes to leather armor, which switched it from using the classic palette to the modern palette (but leaving leather as an item, as well as saddles as an item and on pigs, unchanged). The following is a screenshot from 1.2.5, when leather armor still used the classic palette, demonstrating how leather armor matched the leather item much more closely:




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