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Exhausting, breaking or obstructing the respawn anchor creates ghost blocks in the overworld when breaking blocks


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    • 20w13b
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      The Bug

      When you exhaust the respawn anchor, die and spawn in the overworld, hitting blocks makes them turn into the same block as at the same coordinates in the nether. Apparently, when dying in the nether while depleting the respawn anchor, the game only partially teleports the player back into the overworld.

      Placing blocks works fine, but breaking any blocks will cause ghost blocks to appear.

      To reproduce

      1. Set up and power a Respawn Anchor, make sure to set it as your respawn point.
      2. Switch to survival mode and kill yourself until you exhaust the Respawn Anchor.
      3. Kill yourself again so you respawn in the overworld
        Hitting a block now makes it turn into the same block as at the same coordinates in the nether

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