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Blocks change to bug state to nether related blocks


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      After dying the player is put in a soft locked state the player seems to be separated. The camera and the player model are separated and unable to move. When  placing a nether portal via commands on the players camera self player is killed and brought back and body and camera a rejoined, leaving the world in a bugged state. Unable to relog or reload the entire game in order to fix. while the player can move they cannot place blocks or shot projectiles or spawn any mobs. blocks interacted in survival or with a sword will change them to nether variants mimicking real nether structures "Crimson fungi trees" "soul Sand". and these cause a visual glitch. 

      Steps to Reproduce:
      1. kill your player and respawn
      2. make a nether portal via commands in your player
      3. once you go through nether portal your player will die

      4. respawn

      5.walk around holding a sword in creative or in survival and hit blocks

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