Release Notes - Minecraft: Java Edition - Version 1.20 Pre-release 3 - HTML format


  • [MC-121788] - Jump boost, slow falling and levitation don't apply to ridden horses, pigs or striders until after a relog
  • [MC-135809] - Armor stands with Marker tag can still activate pressure plates
  • [MC-150183] - Iron golems produce walking particles for barrier blocks
  • [MC-152258] - Riding an entity with slow falling will not stop fall damage
  • [MC-170468] - World icons can get messed up when a world's icon is reset
  • [MC-181280] - Incorrect textures can sometimes be displayed
  • [MC-210461] - Fall damage sound plays when you get levitation right before you hit the ground
  • [MC-221864] - Iron golems produce walking particles for light blocks
  • [MC-259912] - Saddled horses can infinitely retain Levitation effect
  • [MC-260653] - Markers, interaction, and display entities can prevent pressure plates from deactivating
  • [MC-260903] - Less recent attacker can be credited for kill
  • [MC-261202] - Teleporting a display entity jitters the player riding on the stack
  • [MC-262324] - Teleporting a mob while riding it doesn't work well
  • [MC-262505] - Iron golems can produce particles for blocks they're not colliding with
  • [MC-262593] - The word "occurred" is misspelled as "occured" within two realms strings
  • [MC-262684] - Game icon has low resolution
  • [MC-262709] - Dispensers do not dispense boats at the correct height
  • [MC-262712] - Alternative recipes in recipe book do not appear on right-click
  • [MC-262714] - The "key.keyboard.unknown" string displayed within the key binds menu is improperly capitalized

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