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Fall damage sound plays when you get levitation right before you hit the ground


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      The Bug

      I made levitation lingering potions with a command block and hit myself with one and three one straight down before I start falling Another one landed one block up vertically (so I would fall through the potion 2x before I hit the ground). As I fell, I started floating up again without taking fall damage or touching the ground. However, my client thought I took fall damage and played the fall damage sound. (I was in survival mode; this won't work in creative mode.)

      See the video:  MC-210461.mp4

      Note that I used a different method in the video, using the command 

      /effect give @p levitation 6

      I also had block sounds turned off so that you could hear the fall damage sound more easily.

      Steps to reproduce

      1. Place a command block with the command listed above
      2. Place a pressure plate above that
      3. Switch to survival mode
      4. Step on the pressure plate and be sure to land on it

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