Release Notes - Minecraft: Java Edition - Version Minecraft 17w18a - HTML format


  • [MC-113374] - Map colour palette changed (brown shade?)
  • [MC-114966] - Advancements overlap other advancements
  • [MC-115025] - Clicking on recipe or on book to close crafting help additionally clicks in inventory
  • [MC-115323] - Parrots spawn rarely in Jungle
  • [MC-115577] - Parrot play the flapping wings(fly) sound, when player push it
  • [MC-115774] - Parrots still make sounds when they are on player shoulder and Silent:1b
  • [MC-115810] - Custom resourcepack added sounds not playing
  • [MC-115902] - Flying parrots will not avoid lava
  • [MC-116482] - The file still has announce-player-achievements
  • [MC-116498] - You can't place ladders on the back of stairs
  • [MC-116515] - Placing a torch on a wall with a fence gate underneath causes crash
  • [MC-116534] - Pressing "Showing craftable" sometimes doesn't show any recipes
  • [MC-116537] - Stopping jukebox music while a sitting parrot is dancing occasionally causes the parrot's entire upper body to be misplaced.
  • [MC-116574] - "showing craftable" option has several issues
  • [MC-116586] - Items in crafting grid disappear if the inventory is not properly closed
  • [MC-116638] - Oak Wood in Recipe Book
  • [MC-116670] - No toast is shown for first advancement made
  • [MC-116675] - Debug messages are printed in log when levitating
  • [MC-116704] - The sound block.note.chime is sharp
  • [MC-116713] - Creating new world with same name crashes with NullPointerException
  • [MC-116931] - Crash when placing a snow layer on top of a fence gate

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