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Advancements overlap other advancements


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      I was testing the new advancements and I noticed something. I wanted to make it so there are 3 different stages to making a beacon. First layer (normal), second layer (2 high + beacon on top) and so on.

      There are advancements that overlap other advancements because the game doesn't know where to put it otherwise.

      When a advancement branches out into 3 other advancements it will place one right next to it and the other two above and below it. It ignores that advancement that is below/above it.

      ''Schermopname (40)'' shows the nether wart advancement.
      ''Schermopname (41)'' shows that the nether wart advancement is overlapped by a beacon advancement.

      Let's look at the file that makes the glass bottle: The parent shows that the beacon is not the previous tier

          "display": {
      "icon": "minecraft:glass_bottle",
              "title": "Brew a Potion",
      		"frame": "challenge"
          "parent": "minecraft:nether/get_netherwart",
          "criteria": {
              "potion": {
                  "trigger": "minecraft:inventory_changed",
                  "conditions": {
                      "items": [
                              "item": "minecraft:potion"

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