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Clicking on recipe or on book to close crafting help additionally clicks in inventory


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      The bug

      When you click on a recipe or on the crafting book to close the help again you additionally click at your inventory and might pick up or throw items this way.

      How to reproduce (crafting help on the left side)

      Reproduction steps for 17w18b+

      Use these steps if the crafting help is shown on the left next to your inventory.

      Picking up items from crafting grid
      1. Right click a crafting table
      2. Put an item in the slot in the middle of the right column of the crafting grid
      3. Click on left border of the book to close it
        → You picked up the item from the crafting grid
      Dropping item
      1. Open your inventory
      2. Open the recipe book
      3. Pick up an item with your cursor
      4. Click on the book to close it again
        → The item you were holding is dropped on the right side of your inventory

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