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"showing craftable" option has several issues


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      The bug

      When "showing craftable" is enabled in the recipe interface several problems occur.

      1. If the search function tab contains more than one page, you cannot change pages.
      2. If the search function tab contains more than one page, none of the other tabs contain any items.
      3. If any of the tabs other than the search tab contains items, the search tab has an abbreviate list of recipes.

      Steps to reproduce

      1. Start a new world, go into creative and give yourself a crafting table, 64 cobblestone, 64 planks, 64 iron blocks, 64 gold blocks, 64 iron ingots, 64 gold ingots, 64 iron nuggets, and 64 gold nuggets
      2. Place the crafting table and open the recipe interface
      3. Click on the icon that tabs between all and craftable recipes
      4. Click on the search tab. If the tab does not have 1/2 pages, then recipes are missing. Check the other tabs, then close the interface and reopen. It should now show pages 1/2 at the bottom of the tab. If you click on the arrow, nothing happens. Check the other tabs one at a time. All are blank.
      5. Click twice on the weapons tab. Weapons will now appear. Now check the other tabs. Some will be populated some will be blank. The search tab will either be blank or contain a small list of craftable items. With this inventory all tabs should be populated at all times.

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