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Connecting to Realms


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    • 1.14.1 (Bedrock)
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    • Windows 10 PC that is on an ethernet connection to the physical gateway in my home.
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    • Bedrock

      The actual version is 1.14.2, but that was not available to pick from the drop down menu.  When attempting to connect to my realm, Minecraft goes through almost all the loading screen fine, but when it reaches 'Building Terrain' the game essentially just goes into a holding pattern. Sometimes the bars move up and down, sometimes they just freeze. Eventually, the game goes to the 'Disconnected from Server' screen after about 3-5 minutes of building terrain. I attempted to load from a previous backup, but that had no effect. This started on the morning of 2/2/2020. I have made no changes in my system, internet or antivirus software.

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